Mexican Spanish Slang
and other words used in Mexico
(Includes some vulgar vocabulary) (Se incluye vocabulario grosero)
{Non-slang meanings in braces} {Significados normales en llaves}


a chaleco : {by a vest} by force.
a fuercioris : by force.
a golpe de calcetín : {by the beat of a sock} on foot.
a huevo : {by egg} by force.
a la brava : {wildly} thrown together, done hastily or thoughtlessly.
a la chingada : {to the fucking} to hell.
a lo macho : {with manliness} truly, sincerely.
a morir : {to die} great.
a pa' (dieta) la que llevas : nice (diet you’re on) (meaning you’re not sticking to your diet).
a patín/a pincel : {by skate/by artist's brush} on foot.
a poco : {by little} don’t tell me, no way (you did that).
a producto avícola : {by avian product} by force.
a producto de gallina : {by chicken product} by force.
a rais : on the ground or barefoot.
a toda madre : {by all mother} great.
a todo dar : {by all giving} great.
abogángster : lawyer.
abran cancha : {open court} coming through, gangway!
abusado : sharp, sly.
acaramelados : cuddled up, all huggy-kissy.
acatarrar : to bug, to bother, annoy; to overwhelm.
acelerado : hyper, hyperactive; overworked, really busy, hectic, swamped.
acelerarse : to get hyper, hectic, really busy.
achicalada : beating, ass-kicking.
achicalar : to beat somebody up, to kick somebody’s ass .
achichincle : henchman, gorilla, thug.
achicopalar : to embarrass, to humiliate.
acordeón : (m.) {accordion} cheat sheet, hidden notes for a test.
adió : whaaat?! (surprised, incredulous).
agachón : timid, compliant, unrebellious, yielding.
agandallar : to rob; to swindle; to take advantage of somebody.
agarrar en curva : {to grab on a curve} catch off guard.
agarrar la onda : {to grab the wave} catch on, understand, get with it, you gotta understand.
agarrar patín : {to grab a skate} have fun, get a kick from something.
agarrarse del chongo : get into a fight, especially a catfight (females).
agasajarse : {to entertain each other} to make out (but not go all the way).
agasajo : (n.) {entertainment} making out (but not going all the way).
aguado : party pooper, sad sack.
águila o mono : {eagle or monkey} heads or tails.
aguinaldo : {Christmas present} Christmas bonus.
agüitarse : to get embarrassed or upset.
agüite : (n.) shame, embarrassment; getting upset.
ah, jijo : whaaat?! (surprised, incredulous).
ahi muere : {there it dies} it’s not important, I won’t insist.
ahi nomás : {just there} just okay, so-so, average.
ahi nos vidrios : see ya!
ahi se va : {there it leaves} I don’t care.
ahogado : {drowned} drunk as a skunk.
ahorita : right now.
ahoritita : right this moment, now!
ajolote : tadpole, pollywog.
al (puro) chingazo : {with a (pure) punch} perfectly.
al chile : {to the chili pepper} bluntly.
al cuas : exhausted, ruined, worn out.
al ratón vaquero : later!
al tiempo : {in the weather} room temperature, warm (liquid).
al tiro : {to the shot} great.
alberca : {water tank} swimming pool.
alebrestarse : to get upset.
alipuz : (m.) (alcohol) a drink.
alivianar : to calm somebody down, to help somebody out, to relieve somebody.
alivianarse : to calm down.
aliviane : relief, help.
aliviarse : to give birth.
aló : hi, hello.
amá : mom.
ameritar : to deserve.
amigo : {friend} guy, dude.
amiguero : sociable.
amolar : to break, to crush, to ruin.
ancheta : gizmo, thingamajig, knick-knack .
ándale : {go to it} exactly, right, alright, c’mon!
ándale pues : okay.
andar sobres de : to be after somebody or something.
andar tras de los huesos de : {to go after the bones of} to court, to go after somebody you're attracted to.
antier : the day before yesterday.
antojitos : snacks.
antropólogo : {anthropologist, pun from antro, cave} person who hangs out in bars or discos.
apá : dad.
apachurrado : {crushed} sad, depressed.
apachurrar : {to crush} to depress, to make sad.
apañar : to grab.
apantallar : to show off.
apapachar : to caress.
apapache : (n.) caress.
apendejarse : to get distracted and make a mistake, screw up.
aperingarse : to cling, to hold on tight.
apretado : {stingy} goody-two-shoes, square, conservative.
apretarse/tirar apriete : to not go along with it, to refuse.
apuchar : to push.
aquí tienes a tu servilleta : {Here's your napkin (pun from servidor)} at your service.
araña : {spider} slut, loose woman.
arderse : {to burn} to feel jealous (envious).
arete : {earring} somebody who always tags along.
argüende : gossip (things said).
armarla : {to set it up} to be able to do something that requires skill, e.g. play the guitar.
arquitonto : architect.
arrastrado : {destitute} doormat, a non-complainer.
arrastrar la cobija : {to drag the blanket} to be depressed.
arrechar : to make horny, excited.
arrecharse : to get horny, excited.
arrecho : horny, sexually excited.
arrimado : {leaner} a sponger who lives in somebody’s house without contributing money, freeloader, leech.
asistonto : assistant.
astilla : {splinter} jerk, nuisance, annoying person.
atarantado : ditzy, flaky, confused; nauseous, nauseated.
atarantarse : {bitten by a spider} to get dizzy or nauseous, nauseated.
atascado : {jammed} filthy, grimy.
atracada : {stuffed} feeling of being bloated from excessive eating or drinking.
aventado : {attacking} bold, fearless.
aventar : to throw, to chuck.
aventarse : {to attack} to be daring, bold; to be good at doing something.
aventón : free ride for a hitchhiker.
aviador/avión : {aviator/plane} employee who gets paid without having to do much work at all.
azagata : air hostess, stewardess.
azorrillado : {skunked} scared.
azotar : {to beat} to hurt oneself accidentally, e.g. by slipping and falling.
babosada : nonsense, saying stupid things.
bacha : marijuana cigarette butt.
bajar : {to take down} to steal, to take away.
balacear : to shoot somebody.
balacera : gunfight.
balata : brake shoe.
balero : ball-in-cup toy.
balín : broken; cheap, low-quality .
bañársela : {to get it wet} to go too far.
banqueta : {bench} sidewalk.
baquetón : shameless.
bara : (shortening of barato) cheap, low-priced.
barajarla más despacio : {to deal cards slower} to explain it again more slowly.
barbero : {barber} flatterer, boot-licker, brownnose.
barrer : {to sweep} to give somebody a dirty look.
básquet/basquetbol : basketball.
basurero : trashcan.
bataca : set of drums.
bato : guy, dude.
betabel : beet.
bichi : nude.
bicla : bike, bicycle.
bien dado : {well given} stout, sturdy.
birote : matter, deal.
birria : beer.
bizcorneto : cross-eyed.
blanquillo : {little white thing} egg.
bobierno : government.
bocina : {horn} speaker, loudspeaker.
bofeado : panting, huffing and puffing.
bofearse : to pant, to huff and puff.
bola : {ball} pile, large amount; group.
bolero : shoeshine man or boy.
boleto : ticket.
boleto redondo : round-trip ticket.
boliche : bowling.
bolsa : {bag} pocket.
bolsear : to steal, to pick somebody’s pocket.
bomba : {pump} balloon.
bombo : {large drum} exhausted, worn-out; ruined.
borlo : party.
borlote : big party.
borrador : eraser.
borrarse : {to erase yourself} to leave, to disappear, to take off.
botana : chat.
botanear, echar botana : to chat, to have fun chatting.
bote de basura : trashcan.
briago : drunk.
brincos dieras/diera/dieran : {you'd jump (for joy)} you wish!/he wishes!/they wish!
bronca : trouble; fight, quarrel.
bronco : {untamed} unsociable .
brusqui/bruski : (f.) beer.
bubi : (f.) boob, breast.
buchón : pusher, drug-dealer.
Buena onda : good news, great.
bueno/buenón/buenote : hot, good-looking.
buey : dude!
buki, buqui : kid.
burra : {she-donkey} bus.
burro : {donkey} ironing board .
burucarse : to screw up, make a mistake.
caballona : (big horse) tall woman.
cabrón : {cuckold, he-goat} son-of-a-bitch; dude; difficult; skillful, good at something.
cacahuate : peanut.
cacarizo : pock-marked.
cachanilla : native of Baja California.
cachar : to catch somebody doing something.
cacharpa : small change, almost worthless.
cachetear banquetas : {to slap benches} to be head over heels in love.
cachetón : chubby-cheeked.
cachirul : cheating, not playing fair.
cacle : shoe.
caer de a madre : {to fall on like a mother} destest, hate (Hated person or thing is subject of sentence).
cayó el chahuistle : somebody unexpected and unwelcome appeared, ruining things.
caer gordo : {to fall fat on} to not like (unliked person or thing is subject of sentence).
caerse los chones : to be jaw-droppingly surprised.
café (color) : brown.
cafetearse : to go to a wake (Used when telling somebody to drive safely, take care of yourself, we don’t want to have to go to your wake, or when implying that a quarrel is getting so bad that somebody could end up in the graveyard.).
cafre : {barbarian} bad driver, menace behind the wheel.
cagar el palo : {to shit the stick} to bug, annoy.
cagarla : {to shit on it} to screw up.
cagarse : to shit oneself from fear; to outdo oneself, to do very well.
cairel : curl of hair.
cajearse : to get stuck with a fine or debt.
cajuelita : glove compartment.
calaca : human skeleton; death.
calentón : heater.
calo : centavo, 100th of a peso.
calote : stout, muscular.
calzonear : to hurry or rush somebody, to tell them to hurry up.
calzones : undershorts.
camellón : {big camel} road island.
caminar : {to walk} to steal.
camión : bus or truck.
camote : sweet potato.
camotes : exhausted, tired, or sore, worn-out.
campechano : insensitive, indifferent.
canijo : difficult; mean, cruel.
canilla : calf of leg.
cañón : {cannon} euphemism of cabrón (See above).
cantina : bar.
cantón : {corner} house, home.
capear : to understand; to agree to something.
capirucha : Mexico City.
carcacha/carcancha : clunky old car, rust bucket.
caricaturas : animated cartoons.
carita : hunky, handsome (word used by women).
carnal : brother; close friend.
carrilla : pressure, nagging; teasing.
carrilludo : teasing, criticizing .
casa chica : {little house} mistress’s house.
cascabelear : {to rattle} to be sick, to not be oneself; to criticize.
cascarear : to play a team sport.
cateado : {tested} tired, worn-out; in bad shape.
de catego/categoría : first-class, classy; high-class.
catorrazo : club-blows, beating with a club.
catrín : fancy, elegant, dressy.
cerote : turd, piece of excrement.
chabacano : apricot.
chaca : boss, top dog; best at doing something.
chachalaca : chatterbox.
chacharear : to haggle over cheap things, knick-knacks.
chafa : cheap, low-quality; knock-off.
chafirete : chauffer.
chaineado : cleaning.
chainear : to clean.
chalán : {horse trader} assistant.
chale : no; c’mon! (exclamation).
chamaco : kid.
chamagoso : dirty, filthy.
chamarra : jacket.
chamba : job.
chambear : to work.
chamorro : calf of leg.
chamuco : devil; boogeyman.
chance/chanza : chance.
chance y : I hope.
chancla : shoe.
chancletero : lower-class person.
changarro : small street business, such as a taco stand.
chango : monkey, simian.
chante : house, home.
chao : good-bye (ciao).
chapa : lock.
chaparro : short, not tall.
chapeado/chapeteado : rosy-cheeked.
chaperón : chaperone.
chapetes : rosy cheeks.
chapopote : asphalt.
chapucero : (adj.) cheating; (n.) cheater.
chapulín : grasshopper.
chaqueta : {jacket} masturbation.
charola : tray.
charra : long, funny story.
chavalo : kid.
chavo : kid.
checar/chequear : to check; to match, to go well with.
chela : beer.
chemo : glue used for huffing.
chero : hick; unsociable, unrefined person.
chesco : soft drink.
cheve : (f.) beer.
chévere : great.
chicano : Mexican-American.
chícharos : peas.
chichi : (f.) boob, breast.
chichí : baby.
chichifo : gigolo.
chicle : somebody who’s always hanging around, invited or not.
chicloso : sticky.
chico : nice little (sarcastic, referring to something big).
chido : great.
chiflársela : {to lose your head} to blow it, to lose your chance.
chilango : person from Mexico City.
Chilangolandia : Mexico City .
chilapastroso : raggedy, badly dressed.
chile : chili pepper.
chillar : {to scream} to bawl, to whine.
chilpayate : baby or little kid.
chimisturria : piece of junk, useless object.
chimuelo : missing a tooth.
chin : crap! (expresses anger or exasperation).
chinchin si… : you’re a dead man if you… (telling somebody in a threatening way not to do something).
chinga : difficulty, hard work; beating, ass-kicking.
chingadazo : hard punch, strong blow.
chingadera : shitty thing to do; piece of worthless junk.
chingaderita : small or insignificant thing.
chingado : ruined, destroyed, fucked-up; fuck! (exclamation).
chíngale/chínguele/chínguenle : Hurry up!/Get to work!
chingamadral : a lot, a bunch.
chingaquedito : somebody who discretely keeps asking till they get something.
chingar : to fuck; to harrass; to beat somebody up, to kick somebody’s ass .
chingarse : to fuck, to have sex; to steal.
chingazo : huge punch, strong blow.
chingo : a lot, a bunch.
chingón : great; powerful.
chinguiñoso : demanding, picky.
chino : hair curl; curly.
chípil : spoiled brat.
chipocludo : great.
chipote : bump, swelling.
chiqueado : spoiled.
chiquear : to spoil somebody.
chiqueón : demanding, picky.
chirotear : to frolic.
chivas : {goats} belongings.
chivear : to embarrass, to humiliate.
chivearse : to get embarrassed.
chocante : {shocking} annoying; conceited.
chocho : pill.
cholo : {coarse} gang-banger or similar person.
chómpiras : thief.
choncho : chubby, fat.
chones : undershorts.
chongo : hair bun.
choro : mussel.
chorreado : {splattered} dirty, stained.
chorro : {spurt} a lot; diarrhea.
chorroscientos : zillions, a lot.
chorrotal : a lot.
chota : cop, police officer; (f.) cops, police.
choteado : {mocked} unoriginal, out (of style).
chueco : crooked, illegal, shady.
chulada : great-looking object.
chulear : to express admiration for, to oo and aw over.
chulo/a : good-looking.
chumistreta : gizmo, thingamajig, knick-knack.
chunche : gizmo, thingamajig, knick-knack.
chundo : bum, loser.
chúntaro : unsociable, shy.
chuparrosa/chupamirto : {rose-sucker/myrtle-sucker} hummingbird.
chupar : {to sip} to drink liquor.
chupe : alcoholic drink.
chupete : {little sucking} hickey, bruise from passion.
churido : old, wrinkled.
churir : to get wrinkled.
churro : joint, marijuana cigarette; badly done show.
chutar : to shoot; to inject; to throw or kick a ball.
cifra : {number} dough, coin, money.
claridoso : blunt.
clarín/clarines : sure, of course.
clavado : dive, diving.
clavar : {to nail} to have sex; to shoplift.
clavarse : to insist; to be obsessed about something.
cloch : clutch.
clóset : closet.
cobija : blanket.
codo : {elbow} stingy, greedy.
codomontano : native of Monterrey.
coger : {to take} to have sex.
colado/colao : {sneaker} party-crasher; somebody who sneaks in uninvited.
colarse : to crash a party; to sneak in uninvited.
colgado : {dangling} ridiculous, silly.
colgar los tenis : {to hang up your tennis shoes} to die.
colgarse : to be ridiculous or to be silly.
colonia : neighborhood, section of a city.
comadres : {female friends} (f.) breasts.
comercial : (n.) commercial.
como agua para chocolate : {like water for chocolate} boiling mad, furious, really pissed off.
como jefe : {like a boss} brazenly.
como la chingada/fregada : rebellious, malicious.
compa : friend, buddy, pal.
computadora : computer.
conchudo : {in a shell} insensitive, indifferent.
congal : whorehouse, brothel.
contralor/a : comptroller.
contraloría : comptroller’s office.
coperacha : collection of money, chipping in.
copiosa : {abundant, pun on copa} alcoholic drink.
corcholata : cork, bottle top.
corpiño : bodice.
correr : {to run} to kick somebody out; to fire somebody.
correteado : {chased} hectic, hurried; past your prime.
corriente : cheap, low-quality; vulgar.
coscolino : immoral person, promiscuous person, libertine, loose.
cosechar : {to harvest} to copy, to imitate.
cotorrear : {to chatter} to prank, to kid, to pull somebody’s leg.
cotorreo : prank, joking, kidding somebody, pulling somebody’s leg.
coyote : somebody in the business of sneaking people across the border into the United States.
coyotito : short nap.
crema : {cream} rich person, upper class person.
crema y nata : {custard and cream} high society, the upper class.
cruda : hangover.
cuacha : (n.) shit.
cuachalote : disheveled, badly dressed.
cuaco : horse (animal).
cuaderno : {notebook} friend.
cuadra : block, distance between streets.
cuadrar : to like (The thing liked is the subject of the verb. Used mainly in the negative, not to like something).
cuatache : very close friend.
cuate : friend; twin; person (word used by men) .
cuatrapear : to put out of order, to mess up something.
cucharón : {big spoon, pun on corazón} heart.
cucuy : devil.
cuentear : to lie or exaggerate.
cuero : {skin, hide} looker, good-looking person (always masculine gender).
cuete : (adj.) drunk; (n.) drunken binge.
cuico : (pejorative term for police officer) copper, fuzz, pig.
culero : vile; cowardly; creep.
culichi : native of Culiacán, Sinaloa.
cupo : room, space.
cura : {cure} (n.) fun.
curado : {cured} funny.
curársela, agarrar cura : to have fun, to get a kick out of something.
curiosito : cute; pretty.
curita : bandage.
cursera : diarrhea.
cuyo : guinea-pig.
dado al cuas : exhausted; sick; broken-down.
dar aire : {to give air} to fire somebody; to dump somebody.
dar atole con el dedo : {to give somebody atole with your finger} to cheat somebody, to trick somebody.
dar el gatazo : to look right, to look okay.
dar en (toda) la madre/dar en la torre : to ruin, to mess something up.
dar lata : to bug, to bother.
dar un quemón : to burn somebody, to embarrass.
dar/pegar un llegue : to dent a car in a fender-bender.
darle al clavo : to guess right, to hit the nail on the head.
darse color : {to give yourself color} to realize, to notice.
darse paquete/darse mucho taco : {to give yourself a package/a lot of heel} to think you’re hot stuff, to be stuck-up.
darse un agarrón : {to give each other a grab} to have a fight, argument, or quarrel.
darse un raite : to take a ride.
darse una matada : to make a huge effort; to get badly hurt.
dárselas de (adjective) : to think you’re so (adjective), e.g. smart, hot, cool.
de grapa/a grapa : {with a clamp} free of charge.
de a seis : stunned, very surprised.
de hueso colorado : {red-boned} fanatical, dyed in the wool.
de la chingada : terrible, awful, the worst.
de la patada : {with a kick} terrible, awful, the worst .
de nanquiu : {de na(da) + (tha)nk you} you’re welcome.
de pelos/peluches : {with hair/plush} great.
de pilón : {as a lagniappe} besides that, futhermore.
de poca madre : great.
de volada : {with flight} quick, fast, right away.
dedo : {finger} tattletale.
dejar abajo : to let somebody down, to disappoint.
dejar como palo de gallinero : to shame; to intimidate.
dejar chiflando en la loma : {to leave whisting on the hill} to stand somebody up, to leave somebody waiting.
del cocol : {with the rhombus} terrible, awful, the worst .
del nabo : {with the turnip} difficult.
del otro lado : {from the other side} gay, homosexual.
desafanarse : {to become unworried} to get out of something, to get off the hook.
desarmador : {disassembler} (tool) screwdriver.
desbalagado : loose or separated.
desbalagar : to get loose or separated.
descalabrarse : {to hit your head} to go bankrupt.
descolgarse : {to unhook yourself} to take a break; to take a walk.
desconchinflar : to break, to ruin.
descontarse : {to discount for yourself} to beat somebody up, to kick somebody’s ass.
descuachalangado : out-of-order, broken-down, broken.
descuachalangarse : to break down .
desmadrar : to break, to ruin.
desmadrarse : to break down.
desmadre : (n.) mess, chaos, disorder.
desmadroso : messy, chaotic.
desnarizarse : {to lose your nostrils} to hurry eagerly to do something.
despacharse : {to dispatch for yourself} to consume; to kill.
despapaye : mess, chaos, disorder.
despedorrar : to break, to ruin.
despedorrarse : to break down .
deste : what’s-his-name, what’s-her-name, whatchamacallit; uh, er, um.
destrampado : insane.
destramparse : to act crazy, to do something crazy.
destrampe : crazy behavior, fit of insanity.
directorio : phone book.
disparar : {to shoot} to buy somebody a drink, dinner, etc.
divis : divine, fabulous, beautiful.
dompeado : quickly asleep, out like a light.
dompearse : to fall asleep quickly, to go out like a light.
dos-tres : so-so.
droga : {drug} debt.
durazno : peach.
echar cáscaras : {to throw shells} to play a team sport.
echar de cabeza : to rat somebody out, to squeal on somebody.
echar hueva : to be lazy, to take it easy.
echar los perros : {to sic the dogs on} to court somebody.
echar madres : {to throw mothers} to curse, to cuss.
echar papa : {to throw potato} to eat.
echar porras : {to throw clubs on} to cheer somebody on.
echar un fonazo : to phone, to telephone.
echar(le) el ojo (a algo) : to have your eye on something, to want something.
echarle mucha crema a sus/los tacos : {to put a lot of cream on your tacos} to brag, to think you’re hot stuff, to think you’re a all that (and a bag of chips).
echarse un volado : to toss a coin to decide something.
école : exactly!
efectivo : excellent, great.
ejote : green bean.
el otro lado : {the other side} the United States.
elevador : elevator.
elote : ear of corn, maize.
embarcarse : {to get on board} to take on a responsibility, to make a commitment.
embicharse : to strip, to get naked.
empedarse : to get drunk.
empiernados : {with legs intertwined} (adj.) having sex.
empiernarse : to have sex.
empresa : {enterprise} huge effort.
en chinga/en friega : quickly, fast.
en especial : on sale at a discount.
en la torre : {in the tour} crap! (expresses disappointment or desperation).
encabronar : to make very angry, to piss somebody off.
encabronarse : to get very angry, really pissed off.
encarrilarse (con) : {to get on track} to make a commitment (to).
enchilado : {overspiced} upset, angry.
enchiloso : spicy, piquant, hot.
enchinársele el cuero : {to get curly skin} to get goosebumps, gooseflesh.
enchufar : {to plug in} to conquer, in the sexual sense.
encuerado : naked.
encuerar : to strip somebody naked.
encuerarse : to strip, to get naked.
endenantes : just now, a moment ago.
endrogarse : {to get drugged} to get deep into debt.
enfadarse : to get bored.
enganche : {getting hooked} down payment.
enjuague : {rinse} hair conditioner.
enmicar : to laminate, to cover a card with plastic.
enmuinarse : to get mad, angry.
enróscate : {coil yourself} Chill, man! Stop criticizing so much, go easy on him/her!
entós qué, loco : so what, man? (phrase of challenging).
entrado : absorbed in something, such as a game or making out.
escamar : {to remove the scales from} to scare, to startle.
escuadra : pistol.
escuincle/escuintle : brat.
escusado : toilet, bathroom.
ése/ésa : (coarse) you, hey you.
estampilla : postage stamp.
estándar : (adj.) (referring to a car) having a manual transmission (gearshift, stick), non-automatic.
estar bien parado : {to be standing well} to have good connections, to have good relations.
estar más puesto que un calcetín : {to be more put on than a sock} to be very ready to do something.
estar pa'l arrastre : {to be ready to be dragged away} to be exhausted, to be broken-down, ruined .
estar parado de pestañas : {to have your eyelashes standing up} to be boiling mad, furious, really pissed off.
estar/andar jullido : {to have fled} to be hiding, scared to come out.
estar/andar mormado : to have a nasal voice, from a cold.
estar tablas : {to be boards} to be even, square, neither owing the other.
estirar la pata : {to stretch out your leg} to die, to kick the bucket, to buy the farm.
estufa : stove or oven.
fachadiento : bum, loser; disheveled, sloppily dressed.
fachoso : sloppily dressed.
fajarse : {to tighten your belt} to make out (but not go all the way).
faje : (n.) making out (but not going all the way).
farolazo : alcoholic drink.
fayuca : contraband merchandise.
fayuquear : to sell contraband merchandise.
fayuquero : seller of contraband merchandise .
feliz como una lombriz : {happy as a worm} happy as a clam, very content.
felón : aggressive, troublemaker.
feria : money, change.
fifar : (machines) to work, to function.
fifiriche : very skinny, sickly-looking.
fijado : {fastened} hypercritical.
filero : knife, blade.
flaca : See: la flaca.
foco : {focus} lightbulb.
fodongo : disheveled, sloppily dressed.
fólder : folder.
forma : form, paper blank to fill out.
fregar : {to scour} to bug, to bother.
fregón : of good quality, great; bothersome person, nuisance.
fresa : {strawberry} stuck-up, upper-class person who generally looks down on the other classes.
friega : {scouring} nuisance; great difficulty; beating, ass-kicking.
friego : See: un friego.
frijol : beans.
friquear : to upset, to scare, to freak out somebody.
friquearse : to get upset or scared, to freak out.
fuchi : Yuck! Ewwww! (expresses disgust).
fuera de onda : {off wave} distracted, confused.
fufurufo : vain.
fumar como un chacuaco : {to smoke like a silver smelter} to smoke like a chimney, to smoke a lot.
fumigado : very drunk, blitzed.
fúrico : furious, really pissed off.
furris : cheap, low-quality.
fusca : {dark one} pistol.
fusilar : {to shoot} to copy verbatim, to plagiarize.
futbolito : foosball, table soccer.
gabacho : {French} American, from the United States.
gachada : dirty trick, bad treatment.
gacho : {stooping, drooping} mean, cruel; too bad, a shame, a pity.
galán : (romance) suitor.
gallo : {rooster} spit, saliva, loogey.
gandaya : {scoundrel} somebody who takes advantage.
garnacha : street food.
garra : {scrap of cloth} piece of clothing.
gasofa : gasoline, petrol.
gata : {she-cat} (pejorative term) maid, servant girl.
gaviota : {seagull} freeloader, somebody always trying to get stuff for free.
goma : {gum} glue.
gorda de hombre : pregnant, knocked-up.
gorrear : to sponge off somebody, to not pull your own weight, to be a parasite.
gorrón : sponger, leech, freeloader, parasite.
gota : {drop} gasoline, petrol.
grifo : stoned on pot, marijuana.
grilla : {she-cricket} pressure group, group of political activists.
gringo : {foreigner} American, from the United States.
Gringolandia : the United States.
grueso : {thick} impressive, tremendous.
guácala : Yuck! Ewwww! (expresses disgust).
guacarear : to vomit.
guachar : to look (at), to pay attention (to).
guacho : soldier.
guaje : idiot, fool, foolish.
guajolote : (bird) turkey.
guamazo : punch, blow, getting hit.
guandajón : sloppily dressed or wearing baggy clothes.
guango/guangoche : bland; baggy.
guapachoso : having a tropical rhythm, snappy.
guapango : fandango.
guarache/huarache : sandal.
guarura : guard, bodyguard.
guasa : joke.
guasanga : uproar, big noise, hubbub.
guato : a lot.
güero : light-skinned; blond; sun.
güey : {ox (buey)} idiot; dude (used among friends).
güila : prostitute; bike, bicycle.
güilo : skinny.
güiri-güiri : sound of chatting, blah-blah, yada-yada.
guzgo : glutton, overeater.
hablar (hasta) por los codos : {to talk (even) through your elbows} to talk a blue streak, to be very talkative.
hace agua la canoa : {his canoe leaks} he's gay, homosexual.
hacer (el) jalón : {to pull} to help; to go along with somebody.
hacer changuitos : {to make little monkeys} to cross your fingers for good luck.
hacerle el fuchi : to reject, to dispise.
hacer la pinta/pinteársela : to cut class, to play hookey.
hacer manita de cochi : {to make a little piggy hand} to twist somebody’s arm, to force somebody.
hacer Panchos : {to make Franks} to act silly, to goof around.
hacerla : to cut it, to cut the mustard; to have it made.
hacerla de tos : {to do the cough thing} to make excuses, to try to get out of doing something.
hacerle al loco : to pretend to be working; to improvise, goof around.
hacerle : See: no le hace, qué le hace.
hacerle la valona : to cover for somebody.
hacerle los mandados : {to run errads for} to be inferior to somebody, to be third-rate.
hacerse bolas : to get confused, to get distracted.
hacerse cochi/hacerse de la vista gorda : to pretend not to notice.
hacerse el loco : to play dumb, to pretend not to understand something .
hacerse pato : {to become a duck} to play dumb, to pretend not to understand something.
harnero : {big sieve} clunky old car, rust bucket.
hasta atrás : {backwards} intoxicated; drunk; stoned, high, on drugs.
hasta el gorro : {up to your cap} fed up with something.
hasta la coronilla/el copete : {up to the crown of your head/up to your crest} full, satisfied, no longer hungry; fed up.
hasta la madre : full, satisfied, no longer hungry; chock-full .
hasta lo que no : saying too much, something you quickly regret saying.
hecho madre : going very fast, speeding, like a bat out of hell.
hijo de papi/papá : rich kid, somebody born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
híjole : {son of a…} (exclamation) Man! Wow! Boy!
hocicón : {big-snouted} vulgar, cussing a lot.
hojaldra : mean, cruel.
hornazo : {oven blast} stench, stink.
huácala : Yuck! Ewwww! (expresses disgust).
huacarear : to vomit.
huerco : kid.
hueva : laziness.
huevón : lazy.
huevonada : laziness.
hule : (substance) rubber.
ideático : weird, odd.
igualado : {social climber} disrespectful, uppity.
iguanas ranas : the same thing; the same to you.
impermeable : {raincoat} condom.
importar un comino/pepino : to not matter a bit.
impuesto/a : accustomed, used to doing something.
ingeniebrio : engineer.
ínguiasu/ínguiesu : (expresses amazement or surprise) What the…! Holy smoke!
írsele las cabras : {to lose your goats} to lose control, to go too far, to overdo it.
írsele la onda : {to lose the wave} to get distracted, to lose track.
itacate : leftovers from a restaurant, doggy bag; snack to take on a trip.
jaiba : (crustacean) crab.
jalador : {puller} (in business) enthusiastic, gung ho employee.
jalar : {to pull} to work.
jalar parejo : {to pull even} to reciprocate, to be a giver too, not just a taker, to play fair.
jalas o te pandeas : {Are you pulling or sagging?} Are you in or out?
jale : job.
jalisquillo : (pejorative term) native of the state of Jalisco.
jalonear : to pull on somebody and shake him around, to man-handle.
jarabe de pico : {beak syrup} talkativeness, talking somebody’s ear off.
jarocho/a : native of the state of Veracruz.
jarra : {pitcher} drunk.
jefe : {chief, boss} dad, old man.
jefa : mom, old lady.
jerga : (n.) rag, cloth.
jetón : {big-snouted} asleep; angry, mad.
jimbar : to throw, to heave something.
jincar : to stick somebody with something they don’t want; to force clothing onto somebody.
jinetear : {to ride horseback} to be slow to pay debts, spending the money on other things.
jinetera : prostitute, hooker.
jirito : upright, not bent over.
jodicial : (f.) judicial police.
jodido : ruined, fucked-up; difficult.
jonrón : home run.
joto : (pejorative term for homosexual) fag, faggot.
joy : {(hi)jo (d)e…} dude.
jugo : juice.
julia : (police) patrol car.
junior : (pronounced “yúnior“) rich kid, supported by parents, who shows off his wealth.
la flaca : {the skinny one} death, the Grim Reaper.
la mera mata : {the pure jungle} where a lot of something comes from or is abundant, for example Colombia is la mera mata of coffee.
lambiscón : flatterer, boot-licker.
lana : {wool} money, dough, coin.
lavar el coco : {to wash the coconut} to brain-wash, to convince, to persuade.
lentes : {lenses} eye-glasses.
lépero : vulgar person, creep.
licencia de manejar : driver’s license.
lira : {lyre} guitar.
lisa : {smooth one} shirt.
livais : jeans; lesbian.
llanta : car tire, tyre.
llave : {key} (f.) faucet, tap.
llevado : disrespectful.
llevar/traer a capuchi/papuchi : to carry somebody on your shoulders.
llevarla (ahi) : to get by, to make ends meet.
llevarse : to be good friends, able to joke with each other.
llorar a moco tendido : {to cry with stretched snot} to bawl your eyes out, to cry uncontrollably.
loco : high, stoned; dude (used by friends).
locochón : drug addicts, vice-ridden people.
lonchar : to eat lunch.
lonche : lunch.
lonchería : restaurant that serves lunch.
lonja : {strap} spare tire around the waist.
lonjudo : having a spare tire around the waist.
macana : (weapon) club.
macanazo : blow with a club.
machetear : {to cut with a machete} to work hard; to memorize, to cram for a test.
machetero : student who crams info into his short-term memory for a test.
machetón : bungler, screw-up, incompetent person.
machetona : tom-boy, girl who like playing in ways more typical of boys.
machín : man who is virile, brave, or strong, a real he-man.
machote : form, paper blank to fill out.
machucar : {to crush} to run somebody over, to hit with a car.
macuarro : (pejorative) worker, usually lower-class or blue-collar.
madrazo : hard punch, hard blow.
madre : See: una madre/no tener madre/tener poca madre.
madrear : to beat somebody up, to kick somebody’s ass.
madrecita/madrecilla/madriángula/madrinola : thingamajig, gizmo, object of little value.
madriza : beating, ass-kicking.
mafufada : nonsense.
mafufo : weird, odd, strange.
maguey : century plant, maguey.
maistro : worker, generally a manual laborer.
maje : idiot.
mala onda : {bad wave} bad news, too bad.
mala pata : {bad foot} bad luck.
malafacha : {bad appearance} aggressive person, probably a criminal.
maldoso : person with evil intentions, creep.
malecón : waterfront.
maleta : {suitcase} bungler, screw-up, incompetent person.
malilla : (adj.) feeling sick after using drugs.
malora : mischievous, naughty.
mamado : {suckled} strong, muscular.
mamar : See: no mames.
mameluco : one-piece pajamas for little kids and babies, bunny suit.
mamón : cheesey, ridiculous.
mancuernillas : cufflinks.
mandarse : {to send yourself} to take advantage; to push the limits (positively or negatively, according to context).
mandil/mandilón : {apron} hen-pecked, controlled by his woman.
manicurista : manicurist.
mano : bro, brother (term used between friends).
mana : sister (term used between friends).
maña : {cunning} vice, bad habit.
mañoso : {sly} mischievous, naughty.
maquila : partial manufacturing process of one or more phases.
maquiladora : factory using a partial manufacturing process of one or more phases.
mareado : {nauseous one, pun from marido} husband.
mariachi : {mariachi, a type of musician} incompetent.
mariposilla : {little butterfly} prostitute.
mariposón : {big butterfly} effeminate man.
maroma/marometa : summersault.
marro : stingy, greedy.
martillo : {hammer} stingy, greedy.
matarse : {to kill yourself} to work really hard.
mayate : {beetle} gay person; effeminate person.
mayativo : flashy; having loud colors.
me cae que… : I swear….
me da cura… : {It cures me} I get a kick out of….
me lleva el chanfle : Oh, man! (expresses being upset in some way).
mecate : rope.
mechudo : {full of locks} having lots of disheveled hair, like some rockers or hippies.
membresía : membership.
méndigo : {beggar} mean, cruel.
menear el tambo : {to move your drum} to dance.
menso : stupid.
mentada : an insult referring to somebody’s mother, a huge insult.
mera mata : See: la mera mata.
mentar a la madre/mentarla : to insult by referring to somebody’s mother, a huge insult.
mero/merito : {pure} just the, the exact… (emphasizes the exact one).
mero mero : boss, top dog, big cheese.
mesero : waiter.
metate : stone used for grinding corn, maize.
meter el choclo/la pata : {to insert your shoe/foot} to make a mistake, to put your foot in it; to be in trouble (unplanned pregnancy).
metiche : meddlesome, intrusive, nosey.
mexiquillo : (pejorative) person from Mexico City.
mezquino : {stingy} wart.
m'hijo, mijo, mijito {my son} : man, dude, son (used between friends or relatives).
m'hija, mija, mijita : {my daughter} girl (used between friends or relatives).
mica : I.D. card.
mientras menos burros, más olotes {the fewer donkeys, the more ears of corn} : That leaves more (food, etc.) for us; the fewer people who come, the more we each get.
migra : U.S. immigration agents.
milpa : cornfield, field of maize.
mirolear : to look at.
mirruña : a little piece of something, such as food you’re sharing a little of.
mirujear : to look at.
mitote : uproar; quarrel; scandal.
mitotero : somebody who like scandals; meddlesome, nosey person.
mocoso : {snotty one} brat.
mochada : bribe.
mocharse con (x) : to chip in (x) to buy something.
moche : bribe.
mocho : amputated.
mofle : (cart part) muffler.
molacho : missing a tooth.
molcajete : mortar, for grinding.
molcas : what’s-his-name, what’s-her-name.
molote : hair bun.
monitos : animated cartoons.
mono/a : {monkey} doll; action figure.
moño : bowtie.
morder : {to bite} to accept a bribe from somebody.
mordida : {bite} (n.) bribe.
morete : bruise.
morro/morra : {hump} (n.) kid.
mosca/mosquita muerta : {dead fly} somebody who plays innocent, but is really up to something.
mota : {lint} pot, marijuana.
moto/motorolo : stoned, on drugs.
mover el bote : {to move your can} to dance; to move it, to hurry up.
movia : unofficial girlfriend.
movida : illegal dealings of some kind.
muerto de hambre : {starved to death} stingy.
muino : mad, angry.
nachas : butt, ass, rear end.
naco : {wad of tobacco} hick, person without class or style.
naifa : knife.
nalgón : big-assed, having a large rear end.
nana : baby-sitter.
nanches : no, nope, nah.
naranjas : {oranges} no, nope, nah.
narco : drug-trafficker.
narices/nariz bola : {nostrils/ball nose} no, nope, nah.
nave : {ship} (f.) car.
nel/nel pastel : no, nope, nah .
nerdo : nerd.
neta : truth.
n'hombre : (emphatic) No!; (interjection) man!
ni madre(s) : {not even mother(s)!}(emphatic) No! No way! Forget about it!
ni modo : {not even a way} Oh well, what can you do? (nothing).
ni picha ni cacha ni deja batear : {he doesn't pitch nor catch nor let anyone bat} somebody who’s not helping, he's just in the way.
nieve : (f.) ice cream; snow; cocaine.
niguas : {flea-like insects} no, nope, nah.
nina : godmother; (in Sinaloa) grandmother.
nino : godfather; (in Sinaloa) grandfather.
no acabársela (con) : to not get any relief, to have a rough time (with); to not be able to stand something or somebody.
no cantar mal las rancheras : {not to sing ranchera songs badly} Look who’s talking! You’re no better!/He’s no better, etc.
no hallar la puerta (con) : {can't find the door} to not get any relief, to have a rough time (with); to not be able to stand something or somebody.
no hay fijón/no le hace/no hay pedo : No problem; it doesn’t matter.
no le hace si… : Is it okay if….
no mames : ya gotta be kiddin’! (expresses incredulity).
no medirse : {to be immoderate} to go too far, to cross the line.
no tener madre : {to be motherless} to be shameless, to have a lot of nerve; to be bold.
nomás : just, only.
nota roja : {red nota} crime section of newspaper.
noviar : to chat or flirt with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
ñáñaras : the chills, the willies.
ñango : skinny and weak, sickly-looking.
ñero : friend, buddy, pal.
ojete : {butt(on)hole} mean, cruel.
olérselas : {to smell them} to suspect.
olote : corncob.
órale : {pray to him} okay; understood.
orita : right now.
pácatelas : Bang! Wham! Bam! (sound of a blow or crash).
pacha : {squatty} liquor bottle or flask carried by drunks.
pachanga : party.
pachanguear : to party.
pachichi : old and decrepit.
pachuco : {someone from El Paso, Texas} young gang-banger, or similar coarse person.
padre : great, cool.
pajarear : {to hunt birds} to spy on; to eavesdrop on.
pájaro nalgón : {fat-assed bird} somebody who doesn’t keep his promises, flake.
palanca : {lever} influence, pull.
paleta : ice cream or candy on a stick.
paliacate : big, colorful handkerchief.
palo : {stick} session of having sex.
palomazo : spontaneous participation of an artist or a group in a concert without previous announcement.
palomilla : {moth} group of friends, the gang.
pamba/pambiza : hitting or slapping somebody on the head, à la the Three Stooges.
panal : {honeycomb} easy, a cinch.
panchólares : {Pancho + dollars} Mexican pesos.
pánel : (f.) van.
panteón : cemetery.
panzona : (paunchy} pregnant.
papa : (f.) potato.
papalote : kite.
papalotear : to flap in the wind.
papar moscas : {to swallow flies} to be distracted, to not be paying attention.
papas : {potatoes} yes; okay; lies (not truth).
papel tapiz : {tapestry paper} wallpaper.
papucho : {daddy} hunk, handsome man.
para nada : not a bit, not at all, no way.
paracaidista : {parachutist} squatter.
pararse : to stand up.
parecer árbol de navidad : {to look like a Christmas tree} to be dressed gaudily.
pari : party.
paro : {lockout} excuse; favor.
pasar : {to pass} to give; to like (The person or thing liked is the subject of the verb).
pasarse de lanza : to exaggerate, to say something ridiculous.
pata de perro : {dog's paw} somebody who likes to wander or travel around, who has wanderlust, the opposite of a homebody.
patín : {skate} foot.
patrasear : to back out of something, to change your mind.
patrulla : (police) patrol car.
peda : drunken binge.
pedo : {fart} drunk; problem.
pegoste : {tar poultice} somebody who hangs around uninvited, a third wheel.
pegue : charisma; success with the opposite sex.
pelado : {hairless} vulgar person; easy, a cinch.
pelar : {to keep your eyes peeled} to pay attention (to).
pelar gallo : {to pluck a rooster} to run off, to run away.
pelón : {bald} difficult.
pendejo : idiot.
peor es nada : {nothing's worse} spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, ball-and-chain.
pepenar : to pick up small spilled items one by one.
pérate/pérame/pérenme/pérennos : Wait up! Wait for me/us!
persinado : {crossing oneself} scaredy-cat; square person.
petaca : {chest or trunk} suitcase.
petacón/petacudo : having wide hips or a prominent rear end.
petate : straw mat for sleeping.
petatearse : to die.
picadero : {shipyard} (where drug users shoot up) shooting gallery.
pícap : pickup truck.
pichicato : {pinching} stingy.
picudo : {snouty} aggressive.
pila : set of drums.
pilón : free item received when buying something, something extra, lagniappe.
piñar : to deceive, to trick; to steal by trickery.
pincel : (artist's brush} foot.
pinche : rotten; mean.
pinchurrientos : (ridiculously small amount) measly, lousy.
pinga : pill, drug.
pingo : stoned, on drugs; mischievous, naughty.
piocha : {head jewelry} excellent, great.
piojo : {louse} cheap, low-quality; stingy; cheapskate.
pípiris nais : elegant; nicely dressed.
piruja : {brazen} prostitute; slut, promiscuous woman.
pirujo : {brazen} womanizer, promiscuous man.
pistear : to drink liquor.
pisto : {meat juice} liquor.
pizcar : to pick or harvest fruits or grains.
placa : {plate} license plate; badge.
plagiar : to kidnap.
plagio : kidnapping.
playera : T-shirt.
plebe : {common people} (f.) people; your friends, the gang; (m. or f.) kid.
plomazo : (n.) shot.
plomear : to shoot; to shoot dead.
plomero : plumber.
pluma : ball-point pen.
pluma fuente : fountain pen.
plumón : (m.) felt-tip pen.
pochismo : vocabulary used instead of Spanish words, such as the English words in Spanglish.
pocho : {discolored, faded} person who forgets his own language, mixing it with another, as some Hispanic Americans do, speaking Spanish with lots of English words mixed in.
pollero : {chicken farmer} somebody in the business of sneaking people across the border into the United States.
pollo : {chicken} somebody being sneaked across the border into the United States.
pomo : {knob} bottle of liquor.
ponchado : stocky, chubby.
ponchar : to puncture a tire.
ponchar tarjeta : {to punch a card} to report to or check in with your girlfriend/boyfriend.
poner como camote : {to make somebody like a sweet potato} to beat somebody up, to kick somebody’s ass.
ponerle el dedo : {to put the finger on somebody} to report somebody, to turn somebody in to the police, to fink on somebody, to inform on somebody.
ponerle los cuernos : {to put the horns on somebody} to cheat on somebody, to be sexually unfaithful to somebody.
ponerle un cuatro : {to put a four on somebody} to set a trap for.
ponerle mucha crema a sus/los tacos : {to put a lot of cream on your tacos} to brag, to think you’re hot stuff, to think you’re a all that (and a bag of chips).
ponersele al brinco : to protest vehemently, to attack verbally, to be really on somebody’s case.
ponerse chango : to be careful, to watch out.
ponerse guapo : to be generous, for example paying the bill.
popis : (adj.) high-society, high-class.
popote : drinking straw.
por angas o por mangas : one way or another, by hook or by crook.
prender : to turn somebody on, to excite.
prendérsele el foco : {to get your lightbulb turned on} to get an idea to do something.
prendido : in love; turned on, excited.
prepa : preparatory school, where students go before university.
pringar : {to soak in grease} (rain) to sprinkle, to drizzle.
profesionista : professional with a college or university degree.
puchar : to push.
pulmón : {lung} gay, homosexual.
puñal : {dagger} gay man, homosexual man.
punta : {tip} knife, blade.
putazo : hard punch, strong blow.
putiza : beating, ass-kicking.
puto : (pejorative term for homosexual) fag, faggot.
qué le hace si : so what if.
que no me salga con que a Chuchita la bolsearon : {Don't go telling me they robbed Chuchita} Don’t give me some stupid excuse!
qué onda : {What wave?} What happened? What’s going on? (greeting) How’s it going?
quebrada : chance, opportunity; break, as in to give somebody a break.
quedada : {left over} (pejorative) old maid, woman of a certain age who never married.
quedarse chiflando en la loma : {to be left whisting on the hill} to get stood up.
¿quejáis? : {Are ya'll complaining?} (greeting) How’s it going?
quemacocos : {coconut-burner} sunroof.
quemado : {burned} lacking originality; out of fashion.
quemando llanta : {burning rubber} in a big hurry.
quemarse : {to burn yourself} to get a bad reputation because of your actions.
quemarse las pestañas : {to burn your eyelashes} to cram, to burn the midnight oil, to study a lot.
quequi : cake or pie.
quihubo/quihúbole : {What was there?} (greeting) How’s it going?
quillo : (pejorative) native of the state of Jalisco (short for jalisquillo).
quinta chingada/fregada : far off, the boondocks, out in the sticks .
rabón : {short-tailed} short, especially referring to clothing, such as a skirt.
raite : (n.) ride or lift.
ranchero : hick, unrefined person.
rascuache : cheap, low-quality; poor; disheveled.
raspa : {fishbone} (m. or f.) coarse, low-quality person or thing.
rasquera : (n.) itch, itchiness.
rayar la madre/rayarla : to insult by referring to somebody’s mother, a huge insult.
rayarse : {to get paid} to be lucky, to hit the jackpot, to luck out.
raza : {race} people; your friends, the gang.
recámara : bedroom.
recargarse : to lean on something.
recortar : {to clip} to criticize, to talk badly about somebody.
refinar : to eat.
refri : fridge, refrigerator.
refrito : {refried} remake of a song.
refundir : to stick one thing deep inside another; to stick somebody with something, such as an unpleasant job.
regadera : {sprinkler} (part of bathroom) shower.
regaderazo : (action) shower, showering.
regar el tepache/regarla : {to spill the booze} to ruin something; to ruin things by saying something indiscreet.
regazón : (f.) person or thing that ruins things.
relajiento : lively, vivacious, uproarious person.
relajo : {rupture} scandal; uproar; problem.
relamido : somebody who uses too much hair product in their hair, wet head; stuck-up person.
remate : auction.
renta : rent.
rentar : to rent.
resbalosa : {slippery one} flirty, loose woman, slut.
resortera : slingshot.
retacado : chock-full.
retachar : to return, to give back.
retacharse : to return, to go back.
retache : (n.) return.
reve : partying, having fun.
reventado : libertine, loose person, promiscuous person.
reventarse : {to burst} to party, to have fun.
reventón : partying, having fun.
ridículum : résumé; curriculum vitae.
rifar : {to quarrel} to rule.
rila : bike, bicycle.
rin : tire, tyre.
rola : song.
rollero : liar; cheater; talkative.
rollo : movie reel.
ruco/a : old; old man/old lady.
ruidajo : loud, annoying noise, uproar.
ruletero : cab driver, taxi driver.
sacar de onda : {to remove from the wave} to distract, to perplex.
sacar un pedo : {to make someone fart} to scare, to startle.
sacar canas verdes : {to turn someone's hair green} to overwhelm, to make desperate, to drive nuts.
sacatón : scaredy-cat, coward.
saco : jacket.
sal : {salt} (f.) bad luck.
sale y vale : okay, understood.
salirle canas verdes : {one's hair turns green} to get overwhelmed or desperate, to be at wit’s end.
salón : {hall} classroom; nth grade (students in same year).
sangrón : mean.
sarape : clothing similar to a poncho.
se me chispoteó : I shouldn’t have said that!
seguido : often.
segundo frente : {second front} lover or mistress.
sepa Pancha/sepa la bola : who knows?
ser bajado de la sierra a tamborazos : {to be brought down from the mountain with drumbeats} (pejorative term) to be unsociable, to be a hick.
sesera : {brain-holder} head.
show : uproar; chaos; problem.
siempre no : (indicates a change of plans) Now (somebody) is not gonna (do something).
simón : yes, yep, yeah.
simple : childish, silly.
sink/sin : (with faucet) sink.
sobres : yes; okay; See: andar sobres de.
sociales de los pobres : {society pages of the poor} (f.) crime section of newspaper.
socoyote : little brother/sister.
Soledad no quiere hacer nada : {Soledad doesn't want to do anything} (expresses apathy) I don’t feel like it.
sordearse : {to go deaf} to pretend not to hear.
suato : idiot.
suave : {smooth} fun, cool.
sudadera : sweatshirt.
sudar calenturas ajenas : {to sweat other people's fevers} to worry about other people’s problems.
sueños guajiros : {peasants' dreams} pipe dream.
suéter : sweater.
surfear : to surf.
surfo : somebody who loves surfing.
surtirse : {to supply yourself} to beat somebody up, to kick somebody’s ass .
tachuela : {thumbtack} short person.
taco de cáncer : cigar.
taco de ojo : {eye taco} (n.) girl-watching, ogling.
tacuche : man’s suit.
talacha : job.
talachear : to work.
talonear : {to walk fast} to look for work; to tell somebody to hurry; to be a hooker.
tamarindo : traffic cop.
tambache : bundle on a stick.
tambo : {inn} jail, gaol.
tango : downtown; scandal, making a scene.
tanto pedo pa' cagar aguado : much ado about nothing.
tapado : {plugged up} mentally slow.
tapatío/a : native of Guadalajara or the state of Jalisco .
taquear : to eat, especially street food.
tarántula : (pejorative) wife; problematic woman, gossip.
tarea : homework.
tatemar : to flame-roast.
teco : cop.
tecolote : owl.
tener buen lejos : {to have a good far} to look good from a distance, to be a Rembrandt.
tener poca madre : to have a lot of nerve, to be shameless.
tenis : tennis shoes.
tenquiu : thank you.
teporocho : drunk.
teporrón : stocky, chubby.
testerear : {to head-butt} to slap at something.
tianguis : open-air market.
tijera : {scissors} critic; criticism.
tijerear : to criticize.
tiliche : piece of junk, worthless object.
tilico : too skinny, just skin and bones.
timbre : postage stamp; doorbell.
tina : {tub, vat} bathtub.
tirado a la calle : {thrown out in the street} run-down, bad-looking, decrepit.
tira-pari : somebody who likes to party a lot.
tirar a Lucas : {to throw to Lucas} to ignore somebody.
tirar el rol : to take a walk.
tirar estilo : {to throw style} to be stylish, elegant.
tirar pari (que sería "party") : to go out and have fun.
tirarse a la milonga : {to throw yourself to gossip} to let yourself go, to not take care of yourself.
titipuchal : crowd, multitude.
tiznado : {smudged} (euphemism) See: chingado.
tizo : stoned, high, on drugs.
tlacuache : opossum.
tlapalería : drugstore; paint store.
tocho morocho : the whole thing.
toque : {touch} electric shock.
torcer : {to twist} to catch somebody doing something.
torearse (a alguien) : {to bullfight} to avoid somebody.
torta : {round loaf} type of sandwich.
tortillera : {tortilla maker} lesbian.
tracalero : {swindler} somebody who avoids paying his debts.
traer corto : {to bring short} to keep somebody on a short leash, to control somebody.
traje de baño : bathing suit.
tranquiza : {clubbing} beating, ass-kicking.
transa : {deal-maker} shady business, illegal business; shady person, crook.
transear/transar : {to make a deal} to do shady business.
trapear : to mop.
triate : triplet.
tribilín : jail, gaol.
trinquetear : to swindle, to cheat.
tripear : to be confused, to hallucinate.
triques : personal belongings.
troca : truck with an open area in back for cargo.
trola : {piece of bark} match, a light.
trompabulario : vocabulary of curse words, dirty words.
trompudo : {snouty} big-lipped.
tronar : to explode; to fail, to flunk.
tronársela : to smoke pot, marijuana.
trono : {throne} toilet, W.C.
troque : truck with an open area in back for cargo.
trucha : {trout} intelligent, smart, sharp.
tumbaburros : {donkey-tipper} dictionary.
tumbado del burro : {knocked off your donkey} crazy.
tuna : (fruit) prickly pear.
turistear : to wander around aimlessly.
tuturusco : groggy, fuzzy-minded, confused.
újule : C’mon! (expresses surprise at somebody’s excessive reaction or attitude).
ultimadamente : after all.
un friego : a lot.
una madre : nothing, zip, zilch.
uta, mano : Hey! (expresses anger or irritation).
vaciado : {hollow} funny.
vagaciones : {wanderings} (f.) vacation, holiday.
valemadrista : {it-doesn't-matter-ist} shameless person.
vale/vale madre (vulgar)/vale gorro : {It's worth a mother/a cap} It doesn’t matter.
valiendo madre (vulgar)/valiendo gorro : There’s no way around it.
valona : (n.) favor.
velorio : (for the deceased) wake.
venirme guango/Wilson : I couldn’t care less.
ver (la) cara de semilla : to stand somebody up, to leave somebody waiting.
vergatal : (vulgar) a shitload, a lot.
verla fea : {to see it ugly} to be having a hard time.
vetarro : old.
viborear : {to slither} to criticize.
vieja : {old lady} wife.
virola : cross-eyed.
volado : {blown-up; flying} flirtatious person susceptible to flattery; coin toss.
volársela : {to blow it up} to blow it, to lose your chance.
volteado : {turned around} gay man, homosexual man.
voltear : to turn around; to turn inside-out or upside-down.
wachar : to look (at).
ya mero : {right now} very soon; (sarcastic) as if.
yonque : junkyard.
zacate : grass, lawn.
zafado : {shameless} crazy.
zancudo : {long-legged one} mosquito.
zapeta : diaper.
zas : yes; okay.
zócalo : {pedestal base} town square.
zopilote : buzzard, vulture.
zorimbo : idiot, fool.
zorrear : to spy on.
zorrillo : skunk.
zotaco : (pejorative for short person) shrimp.